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Sutherland Shire and West Wyalong Tutoring Specialists in HSC: English, Greek, 
Business Studies, Commerce, Economics, 
Legal Studies

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Who Are We

At EXCELTAL, Education is at the forefront of everything we do. Our main mission is to support students to achieve excellence in outcomes for their learning journey. We empower learners to shape their futures by providing genuine, impactful education. As committed Educators, we are dedicated to improving and growing our skills to benefit all those who turn to us for guidance. 

We lead well and pride ourselves on competence, accountability, high standards of training and
methodology and purposeful quality education. We are truly preoccupied with your emotional wellbeing and we have put our hearts in everything we have been doing for more than two decades.

Our team breathe Education, we believe in what we do and we are passionate to build all your assets as
a long-life arsenal to succeed.

What We Offer

We offer a range of educational services. Please, see below how you may benefit from our


Individualised tutoring service for secondary students available for a range
of subjects. Prepare your high performance HSC

Online or face to face in Sutherland Shire and Wyalong

CTE (Career and Technical Education)

Assessment support in certified courses in Business,
Real Estate, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Mental Health, Disability, Human Resources &
Community Services

Tertiary Education

Tertiary Education step-by-step support for overseas students living in Australia – real help with
academic research

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring – we support new teachers`wellbeing in the workforce and help with
systematically level up, including ISLPR certification exam

Corporate Facilitator

Personalised facilitation services customised to suit your needs:

Skilled team building

 Planning and strategic development process

 Implementing innovation change management

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About Us

Christine, the Managing Director, holder of three diploma`s in Education, brings over two decades of experience in Teaching and Tutoring. With degrees in Sciences of Communication and
Business Administration and trained in high calibre governmental jobs in international business, Christine
applied her gained knowledge and funneled her focus further in Masters degrees in International Project Management, Business Communication and International Hotel Management. ​Proudly affiliated to different professional bodies, Christine is passionate about International business intelligence, languages, cultures, art and travelling and through her holistic approach offers consistent and tailored educational solutions for any challenging and demanding setting.

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Based in both the Sutherland Shire and regional Wyalong, ExcelTal is ready to provide all your education service needs and get you on the path to success.

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Tutoring – Private Tuition face-to-face and online

We offer individualised tutoring service for secondary students available for a range of subjects and we follow the mandatory requirements of the NSW school curriculum.

  • English
  • Greek
  • Business Studies
  • Commerce
  • Economics
  • Legal Studies
  • Maths
  • Literacy and Numeracy